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Pastor’s Message

Greetings in the Lord!

Today is the sixteenth Sunday in the ordinary liturgical calendar of the Church.  Our gospel reading is so connected with the gospel reading of last Sunday, allowing me once more to synthesize it for your recollection.  Last Sunday we spoke about Christian mission, highlighting the fundamental elements of missions which are namely: Jesus is the sender; the purpose of the mission sending is to proclaim the advent of the reign of God that is realized through faith in the gospel and personal conversion; poverty as the spirit of the missionaries, making them dependent on God’s grace and the cooperation of the recipient of the missions and the consequence of receiving or non accepting the missionaries and their mission.  I ended my homily last Sunday, requesting that we pray for missionaries spread all over the world and be open and welcoming missionaries into our into our hearts, into our homes and into our own parish community. 

Last Sunday we hosted a missionary, Jacob Reece, who did mission appeals for their apostolic work for children.  I would like to express my deep appreciation for your generosity.  For almost one week our parish hosted Bishop Crispin Varquez, the Bishop of the Diocese of Borongan, Philippines.  He is the bishop of the diocese for which I was originally ordained and where I served in different assignments for thirty years before coming and working here in the United States.  He witnessed the growth happening in our parish since he had been here with us for several times already since 2013 when I became the pastor of Our Lady of Angels.  He observed that many of you have become very active in the Church and together with him I have always prayed that many of you would become active missionaries yourselves.  However, we don’t have to leave our own parish in order to be missionaries.  I hope that each one of you would be a missionary, proclaiming your faith in Jesus, even in our parish community, especially in your own respective families.






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