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Pastor’s Message

Greetings in the Lord!

Today we have a gospel reading that leads us to the center of the message that Jesus Christ himself brought into the world.  This message is concretely expressed in the three parables that Jesus narrated in the gospel that we have read this Sunday.  The context of the story telling was the fact that Jesus dined and mingled with sinners to the consternation and amazement of the Pharisees and scribes during that time.  The parables that we have heard today speak for themselves how Jesus considered forgiveness sins and reconciliation with God as the center of his message for men of all times, beginning with those who heard him during his life time and even now, for all of us, and the others who would be open to listen to the Good News.  All the parables show how Jesus portrayed the boundless mercy of God and his assurances of forgiveness for a repentant sinner.

Last Sunday we celebrated a mini fiesta in thanksgiving for the Independence day of Mexico.  This has become a traditional celebration in our parish since most of our parishioners have Mexico as their country of origin.  Allow me, therefore, to thank all the groups and individuals who have collaborated in making this annual celebration both productive and full of joy.  I wish all to thank the many people who have manifested their willingness to cooperate in this parish activity, although I observed less attendance this year.  I wish more would give importance to this yearly activity since it has become a part of our parish actitivites.


For the week of September 18 , 2017