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Pastor’s Message

Greetings in the Lord!

Today is the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Next week we will be celebrating the Solemnity of the Kingship of Jesus in the Universe and I remember that it on the same feast that I have been formally installed in 2013, four years ago, by the late Bishop Cirilo Flores as pastor of Our Lady of Angels.  It is noteworthy that as we are about the end the Ordinary Season of the Liturgical year, we celebrate this Sunday Eucharist with the gospel reading with a parable on “stewardship.” The parable tells of the master who “entrusted his possessions” to his servants while he went away on a journey. Two of the servants did well, as they “traded with the talents” that he entrusted to them. The third failed: preoccupied with his own future (afraid of what the master will do to him if he loses it), he “dug a hole in the ground and buried his master’s money.”

As God’s servants, we are stewards of His manifold gifts. Through His Son (in whose Death and Resurrection we were baptized), He has given each of us a portion of His “possessions” (a share in His divine life). Through the Holy Spirit, He has given us, “according to our ability,” various forms of charisms and services. The kind and amount of gifts we receive do not really matter. What's important is how we make use of them to attain the very purpose that God has for each one of us, which our old Catechism says is: to know God, to love God, to serve God, and to be with Him in heaven.” 


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