1988 Mother Teresa's visit

August 1905,   William Quinlan sent to San Diego to establish Our Lady of Angels Parish. Less than 40 families were registered

October 1905, First services were held in the Armory hall on National Ave between 28th and 29th Streets

 Late 1905,        Construction of the church and office began after the purchase of 100 by 150 lot of 24th and G Streets that cost $38,000

June 28, 1906,  Cornerstone was laid by Bishop Conaty

December 1906, First mass was celebrated in the new church pews and kneelers had not been installed yet

June 1906, First wedding took place

October 1906, First baptism took place

Summer 1912, School and hall were build at the cost of $12,000. School opened in the fall by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cardondelet 

1914, Father James A. O'Callaghan became pastor

December 1918, Father Patrick J. McGrath became pastor. Parish grew rapidly and additions to school were made. A lot at 24th and G streets was purchased for convent for the sisters.

1954, Father Michael O'Connor became pastor. Regina Coli academy, a girls high school was established. A new parish hall was built.

May 17th, 1981, 29th Mayor of the City of San Diego proclaimed "Our Lady of Angels Day" in San Diego, in recognition of its 75th anniversary. 

1976- 1985, Rev. Edward Brockhaus

1983, Church fire caused by electrical shortage, Masses were held in the Brockhaus House.

1985 - 1986, Rev Juan Andres de Jorge Garcia

1986- 1990, Rev. Ramando Marrufo and Rev. Tommie L. Jennings

1990-1993, Rev. Fernando Ramirez

1993-1994, Rev. Tommie L. Jennings

1994-2001, Rev. Kenneth Del Priore

2001-2004, Rev. Higinio Garcia

2004-2007, Rev. Armando P. Escurel

2007-2012, Earl Eggleston

2012-2013, Rev. Pedro Rivera

2013-Present, ​Rev. Agustin Opalalic


Timeline of Our Lady of Angels